The Deck of Cards Art Project


“Art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.” – Cesar A. Cruz

The goal of the Deck of Cards Art Project was to create a deck of cards using original artwork made by artists and non-traditional creators. The inspiration came from rejecting the notion that someone needs a ‘license’ to practice art or pick up a brush or a pen to make marks on paper.

The card decks are the happy conclusion of the process of more than 80 artists—from all walks of life!—to create two complete decks of cards including Jokers! Many who make their vocation as artists participated in making cards along with public servants, psychologists, entrepreneurs, retirees, elementary students, and sales people!

Some images or designs produce joy in the viewer, but that isn’t the essential purpose of this project. The objective is for the artist to feel the joy that making art can elicit and give ‘permission’ to create art intended for a public audience.

The delight in this project was felt by the participants who reported that they were reawakened or found a new voice in the visual realm. Their work is insightful, witty, and a source of happy surprise.

The result of this collaboration can be enjoyed in the form of an art show and a playable—as well as artful—deck of cards!

The opening reception for the project will be Sunday, December 13, from 7 to 9 pm.

Card decks will be available for purchase in single decks, or a set of two decks. Much of the original art is available for purchase from the artists.


(photo by Kate Stalker)