Hi! Thank you for checking out Deck of Cards Art Project. There is a limited edition ONE TIME printing of 500 decks of each. There is less than half the decks left! Get your order in for this unique art project artifact! Added benefit: You can use them to play card games!

Use PayPal www.paypal.com to send money and address for ordering!

Log in to: www.paypal.com then click on the “Pay or send money” link. When on that page, click on the “Send money to friends and family” link. When on that page, enter my email in the box that appears. My email is: ‘robinlynngood@gmail.com

Note what you want to order and your address. If you don’t want to enter it in there, then send me a separate email at ‘robinlynngood@gmail.com‘ and specify what you would like to order. THANK YOU!!


Single decks in craft boxes: $12 for one, $20 for 2 (specify deck 1 or deck 2, and quantity of each)


Double deck in white box with clear acetate lid: $20 (comes with catalog – while supplies last)


Double deck in metal box: $25 (comes with catalog while supplies last)

Write me at ‘robinlynngood@gmail.com‘ to order decks/subject line: CARD DECK ORDER