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The Deck of Cards Art Project


“Art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.” – Cesar A. Cruz

The goal of the Deck of Cards Art Project was to create a deck of cards using original artwork made by artists and non-traditional creators. The inspiration came from rejecting the notion that someone needs a ‘license’ to practice art or pick up a brush or a pen to make marks on paper.

The card decks are the happy conclusion of the process of more than 80 artists—from all walks of life!—to create two complete decks of cards including Jokers! Many who make their vocation as artists participated in making cards along with public servants, psychologists, entrepreneurs, retirees, elementary students, and sales people!

Some images or designs produce joy in the viewer, but that isn’t the essential purpose of this project. The objective is for the artist to feel the joy that making art can elicit and give ‘permission’ to create art intended for a public audience.

The delight in this project was felt by the participants who reported that they were reawakened or found a new voice in the visual realm. Their work is insightful, witty, and a source of happy surprise.

The result of this collaboration can be enjoyed in the form of an art show and a playable—as well as artful—deck of cards!

The opening reception for the project will be Sunday, December 13, from 7 to 9 pm.

Card decks will be available for purchase in single decks, or a set of two decks. Much of the original art is available for purchase from the artists.


(photo by Kate Stalker)

Today is the OPENING! Decks for Sale Too!

That’s right! Today from 7-9 pm is the opening reception for the Deck of Cards Art Project!

I hope many of you can make it DESPITE the rain falling from the sky. Better than a snow storm I guess.

It has been some work, and I still have 4 pieces to hang and  a little something about the show to hang too.

Many want to know where to order the cards.

Deck of Cards Art Project Contributors get the cards at COST.

$7 per deck, and then if they want a box they pay extra for the box.

the boxes are: brown craft box for SINGLE deck: .50 each/ tied with jute and with a print of a stamp I cut with the name of the project on it in black.

white box with clear acetate top for TWO deck set: $1 each/includes [while supplies last] a catalog of the show and artists.

metal box for TWO deck set: $3 each/includes [while supplies last] a catalog of the show and artists.

You can order those from me through my email at ‘’ with ‘Card Deck Order’ in the subject line to help me keep things straight.

If you are not a part of the Deck of Cards Art Project, and just think they are cool and want some, this is the cost:

$12 per single deck: includes brown craft box tied with jute and with a print of a stamp I cut with the name of the project on it in black.

$20 per TWO deck set in white box with acetate cover, includes [while supplies last] a catalog of the show and artists.

$25 per TWO deck set in metal box includes [while supplies last] a catalog of the show and artists.

If I have to ship them to you, please let me know your address and include some room for shipping. Flat rate box is $12 (approx) with packing, etc. Or, make the order and ask me to calculate. Each order will weigh something different and I will have to do that before giving you exact total.

I will also add a PDF document of the catalog for those that don’t get one with the craft singles.


Hopefully, this is a link to the PDF of the catalog:

I will have a few catalogs with me tonight at the show tonight.


Catalog and single decks without box. (catalog open and cover)


Craft Singles.. with jute tie and my stamp cutout. $12 each

(no catalog)


Double white box with acetate cover and catalog. $20


Double metal box with catalog. $25

These are for sale at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse at 1101 Williamson Street, and through my email at ‘’

Please put ‘Card Deck Order’ in the subject line.

Thanks so much for supporting this art project!

Show at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse!

It finally happened! We have an art show with all the art for the card decks displayed on the walls! The reception for the Deck of Cards Art Project Show at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse this Sunday, Dec 13, from 7-9pm! Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse is located in Madison, WI at 1101 Williamson Street on Madison’s beautiful East Side.

The show went up on DeckofCardsmetalboxshutwDecember 1, 2015, and will be hanging through December 31. What a way to end the year! Most of the art is framed, some is not, but it is all up there.

There is also a catalog of the artists who contributed to the deck. The catalog includes a short bio about the artist and a bit about the work they did for the project.

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to this project, including Jon Hain from Mother Fool’s who not only did two cards, one in each of the decks, but is hosting the show for a month at the coffeehouse he co-owns for the month of December. He is also selling the decks at the counter for those who would like to purchase them.

Tuttle Litho from Monona, Wisconsin did a fabulous job printing, die cutting, collating, and shrink wrapping the card decks. That was a LOT of work! They also printed a short run of the catalogs, and those will be available for purchase, but also as a free PDF download from this site.